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The following list of players/administrators have made an undeniably consistent and significant contribution to Burwood Cricket Club. To these members we award them the highest Burwood Cricket Club honour. 

  • Hugh Luff* (Club Patron)

  • Max Warner*

  • Malcolm Fielden

  • Ron Luff

  • Des De Krester

  • John Edgar

Life Members

The following list of players/administrators have made significant contributions to the Burwood Cricket Club. We thank them greatly for their contribution. 

Our life membership criteria can be found here.

Neville Baker

Ian Considine

Elspeth Considine*

Arthur Considine*

Robert Considine*

Des de Kretser

Peter Dunn

John Edgar

Gordon Fergie*

J Fergie*

Malcolm Fielden

Michael Grace

Jeff Grose

Graeme Hall

Andrew Hawkins

Michael Hendry

M Hutton*

J J Jordon*

Steve Kish

Scott Blackman

Stuart Getley

Hugh Luff*

Ron Luff

Garry Male

Alan Melville

Eric Melville*

Ron Mills

George Mitchell*

Charles Nokes*

William Nokes*

Don Perriman

Damian Phillips

John Philp

Dave Price*

Graeme Stewart

Peter Sunderland*

Rick Tolson

Max Warner*

Rob Wemyss

Jon D Kerr

James Edgar

James Wilson

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