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Club Policies

Burwood Cricket Club has the following policy documents:

Player Handbook

If any player or member breaches any guideline contained in either the BCC Player Handbook, COVID Plan or ECA Code of Conduct, they may be removed from Burwood Cricket Club, at the discretion of the BCC General Committee. 

ECA Code of Conduct

All senior players must read and adhere to the Eastern Cricket Association's Code of Conduct.

Welfare Policy

As part of our players’ health and welfare, Burwood Cricket Club (BCC) has developed a program for our members who may need additional support. The health and welfare of all our players is our priority, and the Club is committed to providing support to our members on and off the field. 

We all experience challenging emotional issues at different times. We can’t always deal with these on our own.  If a club member is experiencing disruptions to their mental health, the BCC Player Wellbeing Program is in place to provide some additional support. We have appointed 4 Player Welfare Managers (PWMs) who are available to discuss any challenges players might be facing. All discussions with our PWMs will be confidential. This connection may take many forms with the main role of the PWM being to provide non-judgmental support, offering guidance and a path forward to help improve the wellbeing of our members.

In addition to our Player Welfare Policy, Burwood Cricket Club adopts a holistic model of care to our members. We recognise that there are circumstances where external factors may affect the mental clarity a player experiences when they are at our Club. We have robust systems in place to ensure all players feel a level of safety and support when they are with us.

We have a male and a female Child Safety Officer at the Club. These people are available to have a confidential discussion with any member who feels they may need some additional support and help. The Child Safety Officers will direct the member to the appropriate resources with the aim to make them feel safe and supported whilst at the Club.

  • Child Safety Officer – Kate Bellamy, 0447 648 924

  • Child Safety Officer – Demitri Kaminis,

BCC Cares Policy

Policy and Outcomes

The BCC Cares Policy creates provisions for which individuals requiring immediate financial leniency and relief with respect to the Burwood Cricket Club related costs are able to request for. The policy and resulting outcomes are analyzed on a case by case basis. 


Eligibility is based on any financial matter in which the individual is unable or finding it hard to pay club membership, pay for required merchandise/ equipment, etc. Possible reasons for eligibility:

  • Losing a job or not being able to work

  • Having a low financial period in which the individual wants to play but has insufficient funds

  • Having ‘sudden costs’ or expenses in the individual’s personal life, causing them to require a period of financial saving

  • A health of other issue relating to the individual’s family member occurring, making it hard for the individual to fulfill BCC club financial requirements.


Each case is to be considered separately and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis in a fair, equitable, and consistent manner.

How to Enquire

Any queries will be forwarded to the ‘Wellbeing Sub-Committee’ with Demitri Kaminis as the contact

Privacy and Confidentiality 

All approaches to members to the BCC Cares Policy in regard to eligibility and subsequent outcomes will be kept private amongst the sub-committee

Life Members Policy

Life Membership will be offered to those persons who have rendered outstanding and valuable service to Burwood Cricket Club. 

The award of Life Membership must remain in high regard and a prestigious award which demands long and meritorious service. Life Membership will be awarded to those that have provided continuous and exceptional membership and service to Burwood Cricket Club, unless exceptional circumstances can be cited. Length of membership alone is not appropriate.

Volunteer Policy

Burwood Cricket Club (BCC) endorses and follows the Volunteering Australia principles ensuring all volunteers and the management of volunteers follow all relevant guidelines and legislation

Gambling Harm Prevention Policy

Our club acknowledges that gambling can negatively affect our community. It can cause harm much earlier than people realise and affect their health, wellbeing, and financial security regardless of how often they gamble.

We are proud to say no to sports betting sponsorship and to commit to the following actions to prevent and reduce gambling harm.

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