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2023-24 Committee Positions

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Dear BCC Members,

12th May 2023

I would like to thank those members who attended our recent AGM and I am very happy to advise of our Season 2023/24 Committee & Sub Committee positions.

President: Kate Bellamy

Vice President: John Edgar

Secretary: Carol Pearce


Junior Coordinator: Thomas Reeh

Committee: Dave Horn

Committee: Richard Trembath

Sub Committee Socials:

Keats Brydon

Kathryn Granger

Frank Tovenati

Sub Committee Inclusion & Diversity (Including Mentor Program):

Dave Horn

Josh Stacey

Henry Jones

Richard Trembath

Jason Agars

Kate Bellamy

Sub Committee Communications:

Ellie Campbell

Darcy Yuille

Sub Committee Finance:

Mal Fielden

Stu Getley

Pete McArthur

John Coote

Sub Committee Corporate & External Partners:

Jason Agars

John Edgar

John Coote

Sub Committee Merchandise:

Dave Reed

We do need more help, especially in the Socials area helping us put together our magnificent 150th event celebration. If you are thinking you would like to join one of these sub committees or to receive further information, please email Carol on .

We do also need to fill our vacant Treasurer position. There is a great sub-committee to help this role so if you are interested, we would love to hear from you.


I would also like to congratulate three people who received special recognition for their contribution to our Club.

Stu Getley and James Wilson were both awarded Life Memberships. Stu has been a player, team manager, coach, committee member and Treasurer over many years and is a very worthy recipient of this honour. James has grown up at BCC being a stand out leader from very early on. A gifted player who also has been a wonderful senior Captain for the past five years, he represents all that is good at our Club. Congratulations to both Stu and James on becoming Life Members.

John Edgar has been a fixture at BCC for over 50 years. His long-standing involvement in the ongoing structure, development and progression of the Club is outstanding. He works tirelessly in all areas, motivating members to become actively involved in making the Club a better place and it is for these reasons, amongst many others that our committee has unanimously endorsed John as a BCC ‘Club Legend’. Congratulations John.

May 15-21 celebrates National Volunteers Week. This year the emphasis is on how volunteers are the ‘change makers’ within society. At BCC this is true. Without each and every one of you putting up your hand to help, in a myriad of ways, our Club wouldn’t be the unique and special place that it is. On behalf of the committee thank you all so very much for the contribution you make each and every week. I am looking forward to celebrating our 150th year with you all and thank you for your continued and ongoing support.

Kate Bellamy,

BCC President.

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